Statutes 11159, 12151 et. Laws 2003, c. 655, B-201, eff. Class II Wildlife involves 'dangerous' animals like mountain lions, bears, and native venomous snakes. Louisiana, Maine, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Texas, Utah: Non-Venomous . Repealed. Possession limits for each species are as follows: A. Amphibians, up to 5 specimens of each species; B. In some areas, ferrets are a rather common household pet. Maine has a long list of restrictions when it comes to keeping exotic animals. The department may assess a late fee of $25, in addition to the required permit fee, to a person who does not renew a permit prior to its expiration date. California. 2. Smart as a whip and cute, foxes may make great pets for some, but they are still a wild animal at heart. Maine: Cruelty to animals. The commissioner may issue a permit to a person permitting the introduction, importation, possession and use of wildlife in accordance with the provisions of subsection 5. There are no permits or licenses that make owning pet raccoons in Australia legal. One of the most popular pets trending across the United States is actually illegal in some cities and states. HVMO@G[HLwwJ*m$&*}g6+{3c?q1:) 'UAh1GEI1BODgQgH>syt_euiI*l&K^F ]M[y[V`Sd,H;S'arJJ.J}|9)39^+vfu6[mjc=D*l0u7?0`yBVG=I}Hs)[Mzva3]p3IJ7#tcr{r0n "Wildlife" includes wild animals and wild birds. 0000003503 00000 n Childproof your home and set up a litter box. Kansas. Nov. 1, 2017. dogs. Baby moose, also called calfs, can out run humans when they are barely a week old! 721). The ban extends to dangerous and exotic pets.. California certainly isn't on the list of states that allow hedgehogs as pets! Rules. Some regulations appear nonsensical: In Colorado, you can own a bison, but not a hedgehog. Exhibition, propagation or export or sale for commercial purposes is prohibited without a permit. B. Male turkeys (also called Toms) dont take care of their young at all. Mississippi. Statutes 12152; Code of Maine Rules 09-137 Sec. This includes venomous snakes. Having a pet that no one else does, can make you feel unique and perhaps somewhat brave. There are plenty of cute and cuddly looking animals Id like to squeeze and take home and have forever and ever(or until the varied life spans last). Countries That Have Banned Assault-Style Firearms. Because the temperature is quite high, you need a chiller, cooler, or aquarium fan because axolotls can only live at cool temperatures. Check with your city or town to comply with both state and local laws. 0000001763 00000 n Let's take a closer look. 0000008241 00000 n If you plan on visiting Hawaii anytime soon, you might want to rethink bringing your beloved bearded dragon. Do not assume that animals for sale in other states, including those states adjacent to Maine, are lawful in Maine. 12152. Even if an animal is cute and cuddly doesnt mean it would make it a good house pet. (Heres a shocking factpuppy mills are still allowed in the U.S.). Aug. 31, 2004; 2015, c. 374, 2 to 4, eff. 440 in 2017, a bill to prohibit dogs from riding on laps or sticking their head out the window. Luckily there are laws in place anyway to help us keep us safe from our love of animals (check out the Maine law here). al. That coupled with the fact that it is nocturnal and has a venomous bite that is potentially deadly to humans has resulted in slow lorises being banned as pets in many places around the world. Is your beloved pet legal in your state but not in another? Our altruistic state cares too much about our wildlife and one another to put anything or anyone in harms way. In addition to the provisions adopted under subsection 3, the commissioner may assign permit conditions or requirements designed to mitigate potential impacts or risks that may arise from the possession of specific wildlife species or to ensure the humane treatment or proper husbandry for specific species. The thing is, owning a big cat is not legal in all states. Have you always wanted a tiger in your backyard, or maybe an alligator in your pond? Is it right to domesticate them? [See also Chapter 7. Aug. 31, 2004; 2005, c. 12, III-22; 2005, c. 117, 2; 2015, c. 301, 27, eff. E as amended by Laws 2019, c. 501, 9>. Permit required. These animals may or may not be lawful at the point of origin, but illegal to bring in to Maine. Turtle Commercialization Laws in Maine BANS import of live bait for fishing in inland waters, import and sale of salmon, brook, brown, rainbow and lake trout, and salmon outside US and Canada, and taking live fish other than baitfish and smelt. Along with other illegal pets, these parakeets have potential to create their own flocks and throw off local ecosystems. Possess, propagate or sell deer, bear, moose, wild turkey, hybrid wild turkey or wild turkey-domestic turkey cross nor does it authorize the permittee to possess, propagate or sell any wild animal taken in accordance with section 12401, 12402 or 12404; or. Wild turkeys can run up to 25 miles an hour! Commercial nonmarine invertebrate permit. #9. Nov. 1, 2017. Which Countries Have Banned Plastic Bags? Nov. 1, 2017; 2017, c. 285, 2, eff. Release Permit (release captive-bred, captive raised or imported wildlife), Transport wildlife for breeding and advertising permit (take or transport wildlife for breeding/advertising), Commercial Amphibian Permit (harvest native amphibians for sale) - 1 year - $27, Commercial Nonmarine Invertebrate Permit (harvest freshwater mussels, butterflies, moths, dragonflies, beetles for commercial purposes) - 1 year - $27, EXEMPT: testing for deer imported for slaughter within 24 hours, EXEMPT: livestock dealer holding deer less than 24 hours, Fish Cultivation Permit (cultivate or sell commercial grown and imported fish) - $27, EXCLUDES: Atlantic salmon commercial aquaculture in coastal waters AND Atlantic salmon restoration program, Must keep invoices of fish purchased and sold and display license at each premise, Fish Importation Permit (import and transport live fish or eggs), EXCLUDES: tropical species allowed for aquariums, Atlantic salmon commercial aquaculture in coastal waters AND Atlantic salmon restoration program, Permit to Sell Inland Fish Commercially - $27, Permit to transport live fish for breeding and advertising, Bait Retailer's License (possess to resell or sell live smelts and baitfish) - $16, ALLOWS: sale of ones acquired from another licensee, designation of assistants at business facility, transport including by another person, possess more than daily limit of smelts from another licensee, BANS: take or possession from inland waters or private ponds for retail sale, possession of species prohibited as bait at facility, REQUIRES: invoice, bill of sale or bill of lading for retail sale of legal ones, Baitfish Wholesaler's License (take and possess to sell or sell live baitfish) - $26, ALLOWS: take from inland waters or private ponds for sale, designate assistants at facility, transport including by another, use food to lure baitfish into traps or nets, TAKE METHODS: seine, baitfish trap, dip net, drop net, lift net or bag net, hook and line, BANS: failing to show license upon request, taking eels, taking or selling suckers > 10 from April 1 Sep 30, possessing species banned as pets at facility, Smelt Wholesaler's License (take and possess to sell and sell live smelts) - $71, take for resale from inland waters and private ponds under bag limit and restrictions, use artificial light to lure smelt, transport or possess greater than daily bag limit of smelts to facility if taken or from licensee, designate assistants at facility, transport including by another, use drop net, lift net or hook and line and take up to 8 quarts through openings from opening day of ice fishing until Mar 31 up to daily bag limit (may use dip net to assist), Take smelt from 12pm to 2 am using dip net in ice free waters up to daily limit, BANS: failing to display license upon request during take of smelts for resale in inland waters, take of multiple bag limits from waters under general rules to obtain 8-quart limit, use seine to take smelt, transport or possess at facility more than daily bag limit from ways not above (need invoice, bill of lading or sale for acquisition from licensee), transport from inland water to business more than 8 quarts, designate transporter directly from inland water, failing to mark holes as listed used to ice fish in inland waters with drop net, taking smelt without operable commercially manufactured #14 fish grader to sort smelts by size (must return undersized), possess fish not legal as bait, use food to bait or lure except light above, use dip net not meeting requirements, NEW BANS selling live wildlife except as allowed under 12152 Permit to Possess Wildlife in Captivity and those on the unrestricted list. ANN 32-1301-32-1312, it is illegal to possess or breed any dangerous regulated animal. i[yG=/M_AE1^Tho7KR^3S9"SzjCR~W$+ZWD{\d} rZRmvb8jUJ>oE(J}1W&vZ7MFMjiYq0 U\*`i%JN))~d!Td$6x-DsCh|THx!@ 'CYqFeJ7,S7}!Vl{%fHC5"sf;M6HDG# s 5. Hedgehog 4. 1. The application must be accompanied by the applicable nonrefundable application fee. Although capable of living indoors with humans similarly to cats or dogs, pet skunks are relatively rare, partly due to restrictive laws and the complexity of their care. 12159. June 16, 2020; 2019, c. 652, 1, eff. Require reporting of harvest activities; B. Her articles have appeared on Buzzfeed, Business Insider, AOL, Yahoo, and MSN, among other sites. But what about a possum? "Wildlife" means any species of the animal kingdom, except fish, that is wild by nature, whether or not bred or reared in captivity, and includes any part, egg or offspring of the animal, or the dead body or parts of the animal. Requests should be mailed to Wildlife Division Inland Fisheries & Wildlife 353 Water Street Augusta, ME 04330. 8). 0000101936 00000 n Renewal. 0000002111 00000 n Except as provided in section 12152, subsection 7, the following penalties apply to violations of this section. 0000103478 00000 n To possess a Category 2 Restricted Species a person must acquire either an exhibitor's or wildlife rehabilitator's permit or must be an accredited research facility or be a laboratory registered with the United States Department of Agriculture. Indeed, axolotls are generally classified as exotic pets and are also critically endangered species in the wild.. As a result, specific laws and regulations may apply to them. 12161. Like hedgehogs, ferrets could easily create their own population; they thrive best in climates like Californias and Hawaiis, says Hanna. If an animal captured under this subsection is released back into the wild, the animal must be released in or near the same location where the animal was captured. There are animals you can keep as pets, but there are also animals that are banned as pets. care . Aug. 31, 2004. Unless you have a hunting permit for these you can enjoy them in taxidermy form and or in your stomach. Need permanent identification, be spayed and neutered and meet possession permit criteria for IFW. Pets that are allowed however include guinea pigs, chinchillas, domesticated mice and rats, parakeets, and doves. But before you think about bringing a new pet into your family, you should know that Maine does have rules against keep certain animals . There are at least 17 known species of hedgehogs.All species are restricted from possession as pets in California primarily because they can become pests where introduced into the wild where they don't naturally occur. The ADA and Maine's public accommodations law allow a public accommodation to exclude your service animal if it poses a direct threat to health and safety (or example, if your dog is aggressively barking and snapping at other customers, the facility can kick the dog out). Mammals: New England cottontail, little brown bat, Northern long-legged bat, Birds: least tern, golden eagle, piping plover, sedge wren, grasshopper sparrow, roseate tern, black tern, American pipet (breeding pop. Laws 2015, c. 374, 11, eff. Penalty. 5 8 Related Topics Fish tank Pet fish Pet Animals and Pets 8 comments Best Add a Comment Taking reptiles, amphibians, and certain nonmarine invertebrates from the wild is also prohibited without a license. Even if you have your reptiles venom removed, its still illegal to own venomous reptiles in tons of states. 4-A. As much as I desperately want to own a pet monkey, I understand why Maine has such strict laws and regulations for owning exotic animals. The fish are considered an invasive species in Maine, though they're legal. What is a sugar glider, to begin with? It is good to know the rules, however, before diving in and making a purchase. To possess a Category 1 Restricted Species a person must acquire either an exhibitor's or wildlife rehabilitator's permit or must be an accredited research facility or be a laboratory registered with the United States Department of Agriculture. African Clawed Frogs are illegal in Arizona, California, Hawaii, Kentucky, Louisiana, Nevada, New Jersey, North Carolina, Oregon, Utah, Virginia, and Washington because they are able to carry a deadly fungus and become a threat to native wildlife, including other frogs and fish. Bearded Dragon Choosing The Right Exotic Pet Best Exotic Pets 18. If you are still in doubt, ask the local authorities for the animal law that is there. C. Species identified in rules adopted by the commissioner. 206). A person may not allow wildlife in captivity to escape that person's possession or control in violation of: (1) Rules adopted pursuant to subsection 5; or. Laws 2015, c. 301, 28, eff. B. A category 1 restricted species exhibition permit does not allow the holder to exhibit wolf hybrids, as defined in Title 7, section 3907, subsection 30. Hanna also mentions that their quills can become sharp when theyre feeling threatened, which can be painful to humans and other animals. Wolf hybrid kennels (where 1 or more wolf hybrids are kept and bred) require registration with the department.Requires IFW to respond to requests to help capture and dispose of wolf hybrids (no dog license or identification and distinct wolf-like characteristics). Check it out. Complaints received via email must contain the reporting party's name and phone number; the name of the animal owner, (if known), a physical address, a description of the animals and the type of complaint. BANS possession, breeding and selling of deer, bear, moose, wild turkeys and hybrids and nuisance animals along with import of wild turkeys and hybrids.Maine classifies all other wildlife in captivity except fish as either unregulated, prohibited, restricted or unclassified. Permit to transport wildlife for breeding and advertising. Nov. 1, 2017, 12159 . Maines Mr. Drew & His Animals Too Evicted From Current Lewiston Location, Beware of the Most Dangerous Roads in Maine. In Maine, landlords may charge up to two months' rent. The goal of these laws is to protect the interests of wildlife, the public and our natural resources. 0000010297 00000 n 0000002981 00000 n trailer al. . I was wondering why I have never seen any species of shrimp in my local fish store's tanks for sale. does boric acid make you tighter, high farms golden retrievers,

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