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SJCI will provide the Four Core Independent Living Services to the New Mexico (NM) Pueblos of Laguna, San Felipe, Acoma, Isleta, Sandia, Santa Ana, Santo Domingo, Cochiti, Zia and Jemez for people with disabilities in traditional and non-traditional settings.

SJCI is an Independent Living Center that promotes and protects the rights of people with disabilities within our Pueblo communities.


Information and Referral
SJCI provides information & referral to individuals with disabilities, family members and the community at large. SJCI is the disability resource expert and will provide information assistance at any time. SJCI will answer questions and assist with the access of needed services.
Systems, Individual and Self Advocacy
SJCI works diligently to increase community options, and to resolve issues that affect large numbers of people with disabilities; by changing policies and laws through work with government agencies to ensure legal and civil areas such as denied services and discrimination or violation of rights. SJCI also provides information and support for those wishing to learn and advocate for themselves.


Independent Living Support & Skills Training
SJCI has on staff Independent Living Specialists who are knowledgeable disability advocates. The ILS is a expert seasoned advocate and can provide the consumer with independent living enhancement skills. The ILS can assist with collaborating with other community agencies thus, making the service access process less stressful. The ILS will help obtain needed support and services that will assist consumers in their journey to becoming independent and provide valuable knowledge on how to maintain that independence.
Peer Mentor Support Program
SJCI offers a great peer mentorship program. Peer Mentors provide consumers with Peer to Peer relationships and will provide consumers with valuable been there information. Peer Mentors provide outreach to newly disabled people, youth in transition, and individuals in nursing homes. Peers play a big roll in recreational and support group activities provided by SJCI.


If you have questions or need support with any of the following:

  • Accessible Housing
  • Assistive Technology
  • Attendant Services
  • Home Modifications
  • Social Recreation
  • ADA Information
  • Alternative Loan Program
  • Options & Benefits Counseling
  • Getting out of a Nursing Home and more….

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