About Personal Care

Personal Care Services

The Consumer Directed Personal Care Service is to assist people with disabilities in living as independently as possible at home.
  • Who is eligible for the PCS:
    • Consumers who have full Medicaid
    • Consumers who are twenty-one or older
  • The responsibilities of consumers or their representatives, who perform employer related tasks are:
    • Hiring, scheduling, supervising, and firing of attendants
    • Completing, signing, and submitting documentation to Personal Care Agency (SJCI) for payment of services
    • Notifying Personal Care Agency of date of hire and date of termination of the attendant
  • The requirements for attendants are:
    • Must pass a Criminal Background Check
    • Family members can be attendants with the exception of the consumer’s spouse
  • Services may include things such as:
    • Self-administered Medication
    • Individualized Bowel and Bladder Services
    • Cognitive Assistance
    • Eating
    • Household Services
    • Hygiene/grooming
    • Meal Preparation
    • Minor Maintenance of Assistive Device(s)
    • Mobility
    • Skin Care
    • Support Services


For more information please contact:

Alberta Farrell

tel: 505-566-5839

email: pcs@sjci.org