About Advocacy


SJCI works to increase community options for people with disabilities by the reduction of barriers that are architectural, social and attitudinal. Community education is provided by a team of people with various disabilities to schools, service clubs and businesses.

Advocacy Services Farmington NM

Systems Advocacy:

  • Identifying barriers to independent living
  • Implementing action plans to bring about systems change
  • Cooperating, coordinating and collaborating with other organizations to:
  • Initiate legislative changes
  • Support policies
  • Remove hindrance in opportunities for people with disabilities


Individual Advocacy in areas such as:

  • Emergency needs
  • Securing benefits
  • Legal rights
  • Self Advocacy Skills Development
  • Empower people with disabilities to control their own lives through education regarding community resources, disability rights and civil rights.


Independent Living Specialists

Sonia Alvarez (Gallup)
Candra Justice
Eileen Ledoux (ABQ)
Mikayla Frazzini
Shannon Farrell
Malcolm Thompson