Its All About Choice


SJCI works to increase community options for people with disabilities by the reduction of barriers that are architectural, social and attitudinal. Community education is provided by a team of people with various disabilities to schools, service clubs and businesses.
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Independent Living Skills

Despite the title, an Independent Living Specialist at SJCI is really a generalist who supports people with disabilities toward the independent lifestyle of their choice. What an ILS does:
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Nursing Home Transition

The bedrock of the independent living movement is in assisting individuals with significant disabilities who receive Medicaid to transition from nursing homes and other institutions to community living.
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Youth Transistion

As a community, it is our responsibility to make sure young people with disabilities DO get the same opportunities and support that the rest of us take for granted.
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Personal Care

The Consumer Directed Personal Care Service is to assist people with disabilities in living as independently as possible at home.
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Peer Support

Peer Mentors assist consumers by: Developing a “Peer to Peer” relationship Providing information Sharing knowledge Sharing personal experience
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Seed Loans

New Mexico Seed Loans

NMSLP is a new loan program for persons with disabilities who are looking for equipment loans to help them with a home-based business or self-employment.

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Access Loan

Access Loan New Mexico

The fund is a last resort grant from Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (DVR) and as such stipulates that the consumer seek funding from three other sources and must provide documentation in order to access the funding.

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Information and Refferal

SJCI provides information and referral services to individuals with disabilities, family members, services providers and the community at large on available resources and ways to access:

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We are Dedicated to the Disability Community in all that We Do!


We are Dedicated to the Disability Community in all that We Do!

San Juan Center for Independence is a community based non-profit agency that was established by people with disabilities for people with disabilities. The Agency serves as a consumer driven community action program that provides services which help maximize independent living choices for all people regardless of the individual’s disability.

Independent Living has a rich history that originated in Berkeley, California in the late 1960′s with a handful of disabled students who believed in their abilities to live active, productive, visible and satisfying lives. This small group has swelled to an international civil rights movement that is responsible for many victories, including the Americans with Disabilities Act. Together, this movement has paved the way for more meaningful lifestyles for all people with disabilities-as well as humankind in general. Independent living is a philosophy which states that individuals with disabilities, like all people, inherently know what they most need in order to succeed. This philosophy embraces some very basic tenents: Questions and Comments? Send us a e-mail at

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